The Power of the Mind

Our minds are mainly an untapped resource. We use an estimated 10% of our brain power. Imagine what we can accomplish if only we could tap in to that additional 90%. More importantly, imagine where we could be if we simply learned to better use the first 10%.

As is with our bodies, our minds are affected by what we feed them. Children are perfect examples of the influences of input. When we let children watch violence, they become violent. So, too, do negative thoughts affect our mental wellbeing. To embrace Holistic Living, it is important to explore and train our patterns of thought. Three main premises for mental health include positive thinking, brain exercise, and mental healing.

Positive Thinking: Just as negative thoughts can influence our mood; positive thoughts can affect our overall well-being. Most importantly, proper thinking is the greatest influence on our quality of life. How happy are those who are always contemplating the worst of any situation?

Exercise the Brain: Like a muscle, the brain benefits from exercise - proper exercise. The key is to engage in the right type of mental exercise to promote a healthy balance of thought processes.

Mental Healing: A link has already been made between physical healing and the mind. Conversely, mental healing requires proper nutrition as well as dealing with past issues that haunt us or the handling of a current crisis.