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Devoted 2 Healing presents comprehensive information and resources with regard to wholistic living. It is our belief that certain ancient traditions in medicine contain healing properties. In fact, today's science has already proven some of these traditions to contain merit.

Devoted 2 Healing believes that a combination of Eastern and Western Doctors to help balance and strengthen the immune system.

We ask that vendor do not sell or pass out any foods that contain the following ingredients in Devoted 2 Healing's Wholistic Living Festivals:

 Dairy, Meat, and Food Coloring, White sugar or White flour.  If you want to be sure if your food meets the Raw and Vegan Festival requirements please contact: 219.309.9522

The goal of D2H’s Wholistic Living Festivals is to introduce our community to a healthier lifestyle through raw and vegan foods and by applying holistic practices that will lead to a healthier Immune system. Please explain how your participation relates to the goal of this event.

Vendor Priority: All Food Vendors Must have a food handler card from the Health Department!

This event is focused on the well being of the community.  Vendor priority will be given to vendors whom are in direct alliance with our mission, and otherwise it is first come first served. 


 Devoted 2 Healing's wish list:

  • Volunteers

  •  bags Wood Chips  

  •  bags of Soil

  • 2 Fruit Trees

  •  Rain collection totes and bed plumbing

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Raise Beds for Garden

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Donation Types

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