As Relates to Our Physical Being

The human body has been studied to a large extent. We have a great understanding of how our bodies work and how to maintain them. What we lack is a better understanding of how the physical body relates to the other facets of our being, and a fortitude to immerse ourselves in healthy living styles. Holistic Living involves three main principles - exercise, nutrition, and physical healing applications.

Exercise: Our physical bodies require continuous maintenance. Our bodies themselves continue to remove old cells and create new ones. Proper exercise not only promotes a healthy balance for cell regeneration but supports the immune system.

Nutrition: Our bodies require organic material for fuel and to supply building blocks for cell regeneration. As with anything else in life, there is good and bad nutrition. It is up to us to seek an understanding of what is good for us and what is not. Where good food is important in providing nutritional support, bad food exhausts our bodies as they try to deal with the negative impact bad food has.

Food, therefore, represents one of the most critical aspects of Holistic Living. What we put in to our bodies determines to a large extent how well our bodies can maintain a healthy balance. Is it no wonder that foods that are altered or that contain unnatural substances tend to affect the body’s ability to remain in balance?

Physical Healing: When our bodies become injured or overwhelmed by disease, it is important to understand healing aids. These aids can range from simple herbal support to the use of modern medicine for diagnosis and treatment. The important concept to understand is that physical healing is more than just taking a pill or having something unhealthy cut out of you. It is supporting your immune system and your body's natural ability to self-regulate when it has reached a proper balance.