Carolyn Fears-Williams--Chief Executive Officer

Devoted 2Healing Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering disabled adults, veterans, age 18 and older, also seniors with community health outreach. Empowered and educated Individuals with life threatening Illnesses or recovering from life threatening illness., Emphasis is placed on making informed lifestyle choices regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, meditation and relaxation, and providing the body with the proper tools.

Devoted 2Healing Institute is the owner of the building 933-935 Aetna Street and “Unity Garden Farm” that provides free Fresh vegetables, located in Gary IN.

Devoted 2Healing organization was founded March 2010, by Carolyn Fears Williams to bring awareness to this rare carcinoid of the thymus cancer and rare heist-cystitis the lung.  Grateful to God for the journey.

My journey began when I lived in South Carolina where I was diagnosed with this disease in2003 and I decided to move back to Indiana for my family support. I was even told by one of the Doctors that I had five years to live. After surgery I went through radiation and chemo and was on so much medication, after radiation, the doctor told me I had six more rounds of chemo. I felt myself dying, so I decided that I was not leaving out of this world full of medication and chemo. I told my Doctor I decided to quit chemo, so I quit chemo and medication. I prayed to God for guidance, and God favored me by directing me to a Naturopathic doctor, one of the best things that happened to me.

I prayed and decided that this was not going to be my life. I began studying about holistic healing and changed my lifestyle one by eating plant based food. I began to heal and felt so much better. My six months checkup, my doctor was so surprised with my progress and said to me she thought she would not see me again and said that I was in remission. I knew this already because I didn’t feel like I was not dying anymore. Interestingly enough Devoted 2 Healing In started in my home where the first meeting with speakers on healthy meals and the rest is history.

Angelic Gates-Coleman --President

My name is Angelic Gates-Coleman. I've been in the healthcare business for 10 years. I’ve always been interested in enhancing people lives and teaching them how to take care of themselves. I’ve had the experience of owning an adult foster care home called Intimate Care.

I’m a licensed phlebotomist and am currently seeking to go to nursing school. I’m the oldest daughter of Carolyn Fears Williams, the founder of Devoted 2 Healing. Devoted 2 Healing has been a long-term nonprofit organization that I’ve been involved in. I’ve watched its growth and I love creating new ideas for the organization.

Augusta Gates

My name is Augusta Gates, and I am with an organization called Wings of Hope which works towards helping those in need. I find it important for me to be active in this organization, because I relate to those who are single mothers with children. I had four children as a single mother and have had multiple jobs. I know firsthand about their needs and struggles.

I am grateful for helping hands no matter how big or small. Volunteering has created a new passion for me. When I was diagnosed with an illness, Devoted 2 Healing gave me the support I needed, so I decided to support others in the same way. My plans are to serve that passion of my life by contributing to the organization and helping others that are experiencing different illnesses. That is why I feel I am a great asset to the Devoted 2 Healing Corporation.

Willie E. Hill--Treasure

 My name is Willie E. Hill I was born in Yazoo City Ms. Went to St. Francis Elementary school and High school. Graduated in 1970.Worked in the civil engineering department of Mississippi for 30yrs. Been married for 48 years. Have 5 wonderful children. Back in 2021 I contracted COVID and was sick for 2 weeks and once I recovered it dawned on me how many other people were sick and dying from COVID and I heard about Devoted to Healing and decided that this organization is great to be a member of to help people