Carolyn Fears-Williams--Chief Executive Officer

The founder/CEO of Devoted 2 Healing organization. Blessed to be a member of the Baha'i faith, Carolyn also interacts with all interfaith groups, and organizations. Grateful, and bless for God healing me of a rare cancer called 'Carcinoid of the Thymus,and a rare heist-cystitis of the lung. Devoted 2 Healing was born through my personal journey in facing the challenge of being a cancer survival. Interestingly enough, the organization started in my home where the first meetings with, a speaker, and healthy meals.

Yet, with such a humble beginning, Devoted 2 Healing has made a positive impact in the Northwest Indiana region. It serves as a beacon of light, inspiring change through ongoing services and education.

The programs include guest speakers on various health related topics on mind, body and spirit, along with vegan meals, Health screening companies, and Scholarships with an illness when available to attend a Health Detox Institute.

Devoted 2 Healing is a resource for the healing mission, and does not provide medical care, advice or treatment.

I believe that prayer, a supportive family, a good attitude, good doctors, western & eastern, diet, and having those prayers answered by God are the keys to getting through ones journey with any serious illness. God has blessed me to pay it forward by educating (18 and over), especially disabled adults, veterans, seniors, those with life-threatening illness or recovering from life-threatening illness, by being a resources, and bring local and national professional speaker to Northwest Indiana.

Angelic Gates-Coleman --President

My name is Angelic Gates -Coleman I've been in the healthcare business for 10 years. I've always been interested in enhancing people lives and teaching them how to take care of themselves... I've had the experience of owning a adult foster care home called Intimate Care.

I'm a licensed phlebotomist as well currently seeking to go to nursing school.. I'm the oldest daughter of Carolyn Fears Williams the founder of Devoted 2 Healing.. Devoted 2 Healing has been a long-term nonprofit organization I've been involved in and always watched grow from the back ground and constantly love creating new ideas.

Augusta Gates

My name is Augusta Gates, and I am with an organization called wings of hope which work, towards helping those in need. I find it important for me to be active in this organization because I relate to those who are single mothers with children, because I had four children as a single mother, and had multiple jobs and I know first hand about needs,and struggles.

I am grateful for the helping hands no matter how big or small, volunteering has created a new passion for me. When I was diagnosed with an illness, I want to thank Devoted 2 Healing for the support,and decided to support others with an illness. My plans are to bring that passion of my life by contributing to the organization and helping others that's experiencing different illnesses, that why I feel I will be a great asset to the Devoted 2 Healing Corporation.