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Devoted 2 Healing is a non-profit organization created to serve and assist you on your personal journey towards improvement of health and wellness. The name Devoted 2 Healing was inspired by friends who share the same vision and hope.

Devoted 2 Healing presents comprehensive information and resources with regard to holistic living. It is our belief that certain ancient traditions in medicine contain healing properties. In fact, today's science has already proven some of these traditions to contain merit.

Through evidentiary first hand experience and from stories provided by our beneficiaries, we are profoundly impressed by the healing powers already in abundance around us in nature. Further, we believe that these powers, when appropriately applied, provide the framework for enriched, healthy, empowered, and enlightened living.

When many people hear the term 'Holistic Healing' or 'Holistic Living', they tend to believe... read more

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Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center
9601 Union Road, Plymouth, IN 46513

Join us Lindenwood Retreat TOUR
Saturday December 16, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern

           D2H goal is to fund a scholarship at the event

This is our model: "No Negative words today"

Speakers for Celebrating Survivors

  1. Dr. Hapi with Ancar Treatment
  2. Michael Moor with Foods Alive, and the Beamer Treatment
  3. Dr. Tarman Aziz with Music, and his Wellness Expert *
  4. Sharon Bolden with Chicha De Hibiscus with Ginger Tea
  5. Kim Douglas with Juice Plus
  6. Madeline Wilson with Doterra Oils *
  7. Dana Pelc Skrodzki with Gentle Yoga
  8. Reenie Brewer with Heart to Heart Blog Talk Radio with J. Michele Villareale the Researher, and Writer *

Motivation Healthy Lifestyle Retreat

Enroll Today
Vegan ♥ Cooked ♥ Raw
Educational Classes ♥ Exercise ♥ Vendors ♥ Fun!!!
Join like-minded people for a renewal of Mind, Body, Spirit

May 6th--12th, 2018
Sunday thru Saturday--Includes 3 meals daily + 6 nights accommodations
$600 per person, shared room w/ private bath
$800 per person, private room w/ private bath
$125 Daily rate, includes 3 meals, all activities + overnight accommodations
$75 Daily rate, includes 3 meals, all activities, NO overnight accommodations
50% Non-Refundable, Deadline January 15, 2018, the sooner, the better!
Send all payments to: Devoted 2 Healing (D2H)
P.O. Box 1633, Valparaiso, IN, 46384
Register: or Call (219)477.8135, and leave a message.
Everyone is responsible for their own transportation.

Devoted 2 Healing (D2H) gave a scholarship to a person for Creative Health Institute in January 2017.

Also, D2H sponsored a young lady that has 4th stage cancer through her alternative Naturopath Dr. Gary Cool. Please pray for her, she is doing wonderful and, her cancer is shrinking!!!

Thanks to our sponsor:
The Community Grant Foundation.

Update: 2016 Devoted 2 Healing sponsored 8 scholarship to (CHI) thanks to our awesome Arizona Grant Foundation. We had 22 people in all that attended Created Health Institute for 2016!!!
Thank you for Supporting Devoted 2 Healing’s Events!!!

Devoted 2 HEALING’s United GARDEN Farm

Sponsor by The Community Grant Foundation.
Home Depot
Ultra Food Store
APAC Center for Pain Management

Where: 741 & 757 Polk St. Gary, IN 46402

Devoted 2 Healing's Unity Garden Farm belongs to the community who so ever help take care of this land will have free food!!!

For more info: RSVP
Carolyn Fears Williams:


Devoted 2 Healing is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering adults (18 and over), especially disabled adults, veterans, seniors, those with, or recovering from, a illness. We emphasize education and informed lifestyle choices regarding nutrition, exercise, meditation, and other tools for a healthy life.