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Devoted 2 Healing is a non-profit organization created to serve and assist you on your personal journey towards improvement of health and wellness. The name Devoted 2 Healing was inspired by friends who share the same vision and hope.

Devoted 2 Healing presents comprehensive information and resources with regard to holistic living. It is our belief that certain ancient traditions in medicine contain healing properties. In fact, today's science has already proven some of these traditions to contain merit.

Through evidentiary first hand experience and from stories provided by our beneficiaries, we are profoundly impressed by the healing powers already in abundance around us in nature. Further, we believe that these powers, when appropriately applied, provide the framework for enriched, healthy, empowered, and enlightened living.

When many people hear the term 'Holistic Healing' or 'Holistic Living', they tend to believe... read more

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Saturday 11:00 am to 5:30 pm

Sunday12 Noon to 5:30 pm

May26th thru May 27th, 2018

TheBlind Social Center


GaryIN 46409

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This is our model: "No Negative words today"

 Mind, Body & Spirit

“SharonBolden,” from Colon Panama, also live   in   Germany, now     reside in Florissant Missouri, she   studied Sociology. Sharon Bolden has become vegan, and   lose 90 pounds, andhas her own Tea business call “Chicha  De Hibiscus.

“Carole Galambos” from Gabon, French Colony in Africa,reside in Valparaiso IN.,

 She has a Bachelor in biochemistry from France, and a master in science, and foods, also nutrition from Purdue. Carole Galambos is certified as a regenerative detoxification specialist.

Mistress Ceremonies:  “CEO, Carolyn Fears Williams" and 

"CEO Connie Blair"


  Vendors $50.00,Vendor With Vegan or Raw Foods $75.00


 Ad Book $100.00 Full page _____ Half page$50.00______

  ¼ page $25.00_____                        

    There will be a Raffle Basket tickets are $5

·       This is a fundraiser for Blind Social Center, and Devoted 2 Healing’s Unity Garden Farm.

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Devoted 2 HEALING’s United GARDEN Farm

Where: 741 & 757 Polk St. Gary, IN 46402

Devoted 2 Healing's Unity Garden Farm belongs to the community who so ever help take care of this land will have free food!!!

For more info: RSVP
Carolyn Fears Williams:


Devoted 2 Healing is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering adults (18 and over), especially disabled adults, veterans, seniors, those with, or recovering from, an illness. We emphasize education and informed lifestyle choices regarding nutrition, exercise, meditation, and other tools for a healthy life.